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How can I submit my demo to BSMG?

BSMG only accepts materials recommended to our label by an established industry professional (manager, agent, lawyer, journalists, one of our artists, etc.) or through our promotion company Next Wright Marketing & Promotions. Any and all approved submissions will not be returned and we shall contact if interested only. All submissions sent via e-mail will be unread and deleted.

How do I contact, respond to or connect with an artist?

Unfortunately we cannot provide direct contact information for any of our artists. Please try to contact artist’s management, which are typically listed on an official website for the artist.

I am a promoter and I would like one of your artist to perform or do a walk-through at an event I am planning. Who do I contact?

Please contact N.W.M.P. via email: nwmp@nwmppromo.com and your request will be forwarded to either the artist manager or somebody who can further assist your inquiry.

I am an editor and I would like to interview one of your artist. Who do I contact?

If you are editor and you would like interview one of our artist via internet, broadcast radio, satellite, or print publication, please contact us via email: nwmp@nwmppromo.com or contact us via our contact form. Please include your credentials and organization that will be hosting the interview requested if approved.

As I was inputting my information in signing up to BSMG's mailing list and I recognized that the sign up form belongs to Next Wright Marketing & Promotions. Is this the correct form I need to be signing up for to received BSMG news and updates?

Yes. Next Wright Marketing & Promotions (N.W.M.P.) is BSMG’s sister company that handles all promotions, marketing, public relations, graphic designs, and email sign-ups. N.W.M.P. sends relevant information and news updates to the appropriate mailing lists and does not practice over-aggressive emailing or spamming whatsoever.

I want to use a song by a BSMG artist or group in my project. How do I obtain the necessary rights?

If you are interested in using the actual sound recording or musical composition by an artist and/or group on BSMG record label for film, television, commercials, infomercials, etc., please contact our publishing site, Next Wright Music Publishing, via www.nwmppub.com, select the desired artist, and then request permission to fill out our online form.  We will then send you a passcode that enables you to fill out our online form to complete your request.  Serious inquiries only.

When signing up to your newsletter or filling out your contact box with my contact information, is my information secure?

Yes. All personal contact information comes directly to us and is stored in our system only and will never be sold or given away. It is really important for us, as a business, to be as much in contact with our followers and fans as possible regarding any and all updates and events concerning BSMG.

I am a retailer and I would like to order physical product and/or merchandise from BSMG for my store. What are my options?

All physical product requests can be submitted via email: contact@bigshotmusic.net. Simply supply us information regarding desired quantity of product and what State or Country is the product to be shipped. Retailers and customers may also visit our merchandise page for purchasing. All orders can be purchased via credit card or PayPal and purchasers are to pay all shipping and handling cost.

I received an email from a BSMG artist or its affiliate. How do I know if it is legitimate?

Nobody from BSMG, executive or artist, will contact anyone at random unless that executive or that artist knows you personally. Never reply to an email that asks for for any sort of personal information such as a phone number, address (home or business), money or bank account information. These sort of emails would not be legitimate.


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